How to speed up your Laptop

The world has adopted IT and ITeS at a very fast pace as evident from the ever increasing digital users over the last couple of decades. The level of expectation from workers/ employees has also gone as far as productivity or output is concerned. Due to this, it becomes very important to keep our PC/ laptop/ Smartphone in perfectly fine condition with minimum disruption and breakdowns. In the current era of pandemic that we live in, most of the businesses are running from home which has made dependence on personal gadgets more widespread. Having said that, maintaining high speed in devices nowadays is highly essential as it ensures high end performances with robust connectivity. Regular up-gradation of PC/ Smartphone with memory cleaning can prove to be very beneficial in this regard as it boosts overall performance.

Some of the ways to improve system performance and increase the speed of laptop are:

  • Delete unused files from memory that are junk and occupy hard disk space.
  • Install antivirus software to get rid of junk files that make system slow
  • Go for memory bifurcation to achieve smooth performance
  • Try for RAM upgradation to boost clock speed with more no. of floating operations per millisecond
  • Use high speed internet to complement system performance

Regularly install system updates in order to get most recent system configurations that shall help in increasing speed and overall performance.

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