How to Quit Smoking

It is quite a well known fact that it is very easy to start smoking but it is extremely critical to quit it completely given the fact that how smokers have made themselves (mind and body ) completely reliant on tobacco and nicotine related substances for quite a long time. It is very difficult to quit it completely due to the variety of withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting smoking (cigarettes/ cigar/ bidi). People who are addicted to it often feel the urge to smoke at regular intervals in order to carry out their routine work lest they feel exhausted, fatigued and low on energy levels. They seldom realize that how much harm they are causing to the mind and body while doing the same.

Some of the tips which can prove to be useful in order to quit smoking include:

  • Trying nicotine replacement therapy in order to counter mood swings, headaches
  • Keeping away from company of those who are smoking addicts
  • Reducing alcohol intake as it can reduce one’ s determination for a smoke-free goal
  • Keeping surroundings clean like room/ sitting area / car interior so that you are not reminded of smoking just by the way of its smell
  • Eating lot of fresh fruits and vegetables that would help you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle with positive energy and this can reduce your cravings for smoking
  • Reminding yourselves of the harmful and lethal effects of smoking

Ultimately, it is the self- motivation and self-determination that works the most when one is on a mission to turn around one’s lifestyle or health. One needs to be mindful and committed towards any positive result bearing initiative which one undertakes.

Stop Smoking, Experience life in its purity!

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