How to quit alcohol

Alcohol is the most sought after beverage in the world when it comes to consumption of those it’s which tend to give some pleasure for a temporary span. Like all other addictions, the alcohol intake also comes with a lot of health hazards like liver damage, kidney failure, mental woes etc. It is extremely challenging for those who are addicted to it to leave it completely as it makes very difficult for them to carry out their routine activities without consuming alcohol. This makes them habitual to this not just ethically or morally incorrect practice but also one which invited multiple physical and mental disorders. It requires a very committed approach and strong willpower to come out of this closely woven net of addiction and self- destruction. Many rehabilitation centers across the length and width of our country offer support and guidance for this but nothing can work unless one has a burning desire and strong motivation within to come out of this menace.

Some of the commonly followed approaches to deal with alcohol de-addiction include:

  • Consulting your doctor/ physician before initiating any plan for de-addiction
  • Doing self-counseling
  • Including fresh fruits and vegetables in daily diet plan
  • Doing regular exercising
  • Creating a solid plan beforehand.
  • Finding a reliable support team.
  • Making use of medication for alcoholism.
  • Cutting back on alcohol first.
  • Choosing some self-care strategies.
  • Finding new activities that don’t involve alcohol.
  • Contacting rehabilitation centers who have a good track record and experience in the same

It is our duty to enjoy life in its natural form and in the same way as it was bestowed upon us by the Almighty. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body and this has to be maintained until our last moment on this beautiful planet.

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