How to do Workout at Home

Exercising regularly is an important aspect of maintaining physical fitness and improving overall appearance and attractiveness. In the busy lifestyle and dearth of time available, it becomes hard to visit a gymnasium or fitness center regularly. In the wake of pandemic and uncertainty around level of safety principles being followed in gyms, it is advisable to avoid external contact as much as possible and do regular exercising within our homes itself to reduce the overall spread of virus. In order to maintain our health and physical fitness, we can adopt certain workout techniques and boost our overall strength and stamina. Nowadays, all fitness equipments are available online with home delivery facility. One can choose from a wide range of equipments and tools available over the Smartphone itself with all the home comfort. This ensures that we don’t catch any infection through touching instruments and equipments required to do the workout.

Some of the easily adoptable workout techniques that can be used at home are:

  • Choosing a suitable open space like courtyard or verandah where there is adequate room to stretch and perform exercises
  • Purchasing dumbbells at home to develop biceps, triceps etc.
  • Doing rope skipping to boost stamina and internal strength
  • Performing push-ups on the floor
  • Installing pull-up bar to strengthen your core
  • Doing plank exercise to attain proper body posture and increasing core strength
  • Performing yoga exercises to get rid of body fatigue due to work from home

It is important to note that even without gym equipment, we can do a lot to attain physical fitness by working out at home itself and perform cardio exercises, fat burning exercises etc and burns the calories that we consume.

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