How to do meditation

Performing meditation and achieving a calm state of mind is  the most blissful one which our human mind can experience . Certainly, this is not an easy task and one has to put in a lot of dedication and sustained efforts to learn this art of meditation. We have to convince ourselves to leave everything else behind and just concentrate on our breathing mechanism in order to relax our nerves and ease off the anxiety levels. Meditation is an art which can be learned over a period of time in a gradual manner and one has to stay very patient in order to learn it first and subsequently master the trick.

Some of the ways in which one can achieve the desired outcomes in view of learning the art of meditation include:

  • Sitting in a calm place preferably on the floor with a mat underneath
  • Maintaining proper posture and sitting cross- legged with back completely straight
  • Performing breathing exercise in a slow manner
  • Breathing in and breathing out at a very slow pace
  • Completely focussing on the breathing mechanism
  • Taking mind out of everything else
  • Can play soothing music in the background
  • Can listen to chirping of birds or bustling of leaves if present in a natural environment
  • Enjoying the natural state once mind stabilizes and harmony is achieved

The modern day style of living is highly stressful and puts a heavy toll on the mind and body. It is highly imperative to note that performing meditation at regular intervals can help us ease out the anxiety levels, stay calm and focused and achieve harmony with the nature that surrounds us. It is important to note that human mind has got a limited capacity and we must take enough care and precaution to ensure that it is not overstrained / burdened.

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