How to remove password from Excel Sheet

The Excel sheet format of sharing information through spreadsheets is quite a useful and time tested more of sharing business related information, organization based communications, planning events and mapping them with manpower or time for daily/ monthly activities etc. Hence, there is always a risk associated with sharing of info across this format as it may be targeted by hackers or attackers. So, it is advisable to keep the excel sheet password protected while sharing it with others. But, the intended recipients must have access to the file which is locked with password protection. Sometimes, due to lack of communication, password may not be available to everybody and this might cause hindrance with regard to starting the work. Knowing a few password hacks/ tricks may turn out to be handy and useful in this regard.

Some of the steps to follow in order to access a password protected Excel sheet are:

  • Create a backup of your Excel sheet.
  • Rename the extension of your spreadsheet from *.xlsx to *.zip. 
  • Step 2: Open the “ZIP” file in any File Compression software.
  • Step 3: Locate the “xl” folder and then the “worksheets” folder. Inside the “worksheets” folder you will see a list of all your worksheets within your spreadsheet. They will be listed as sheet1.xml, sheet2.xml and so on.  
  • Step 4: If you have a lot of worksheets within your spreadsheet, then this next step can get a little tedious… Starting at sheet1.xml – open the file in Notepad and search for the line that begins with “<sheetProtection algorithmName=”SHA-512″ hashValue=“.  
  • Step 5: Save your modified xml file. Repeat this process for every xml file in your spreadsheet. Once complete, you simply need to add your modified xml files back into your “zip” file, overwriting all existing original xml files. 
  • Rename your *.Zip file back to *.xlsx and it is done all your worksheets will now be unprotected and you’ll have full access to your data and information stored in them.

Hope you found this piece of info. Quite useful.

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