How to boost immunity

The immune system of our body is the most critical and crucial mechanism lying within us that helps us fight a multitude of external infections through viruses , bacteria and germs. This makes us strong and protects us from falling prey to a range of diseases that may affect our immune system. It is a kind of diseases resistance or body’s method of resisting against external harmful elements that bear a potential threat to the overall health and fitness of human body. Having said that, it becomes increasingly important to keep our immune system as strong as it can be and maintain our disease resistance to an optimum level. These days , we witness a range of over the counter products that aim to increase our immunity and overall disease resistance.  But we need to be extra-cautious and should guard ourselves from any of such cheap and unauthentic products that might cause more harm to the body that they do good.

Some of the best practices that are considered very safe as far as immunity building is concerned include:

  • Maintaining a proper daily routine
  • Leading a stress free life
  • Consuming home cooked fresh hot meal
  • Regular exercising and recreation
  • Avoiding junk and fast food
  • Performing regular meditation and yoga exercises
  • Eliminating tobacco intake
  • Avoiding alcohol intake
  • Abstaining from consumption of cheap over the counter pills
  • Adopting natural cures to increase disease resistance
  • Consuming fresh fruits and herbs
  • Increasing fibre intake on daily diet
  • Consulting your personal physician in case there is an underlying medical condition before taking any step

So, let us pledge to make ourselves fighting fit and to increase our disease resistance so that we protect ourselves from any external threat to our body.

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