How to increase height

The height of any individual forms an integral parameter of his/ her overall personality and appearance. Almost every one these days aspires for an imposing personality and attractive looks. Possessing a good height ranging from 5 ‘8 ” to above 6 feet is what most of us and especially the youth wish to achieve. It is highly imperative to note that height of any individual increases mostly during the growing stages of life . The growing stage usually ends until late teens and mostly around 18 years of age. So, it is quite essential to get the necessary nourishment within this span regularly so that the body grows in all dimensions to achieve a good height, great health and appropriate posture as well as physique. Our body requires good quality nutrition and nourishment in order to function in a healthy manner and height / personality are also included in this overall growth. Secondly , it is quite important to note that using over the counter (OTC)  medical pills which claim to provide an instant solution are very bad for our health and may even cause life threatening disorders in the body.

Some of the following measures may be adopted in order to achieve a proper posture and decent height :

  • Performing stretching exercises during early years of teenage
  • Getting proper nutrition
  • Including a balanced diet
  • Taking protein rich food intake
  • Using vitamin tablets on advise of physician which are safe for addressing any deficiency if exists
  • Consulting doctor in case height does not increase during growing stages of life

We must always remember that we should be thankful to the Almighty for whatever he has given to us in terms of physical appearance and our actual health is determined from what we are internally and not at all by how we may appear. Taking care of actual health is very much necessary in order to lead a good life.

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